The Studio - Podcast

I am a Senior Lecturer with SAE Institute and as part of a module I facilitate, my students opted to ideate, create, record, mix and produce a podcast. As part of the deal I offered to help provide the guests (myself included) and host the syndicated podcasts. Currently we are at series one, and while the focus has been on Audio Engineering, we often move to the larger field of creative media. Hopefully this project will continue in some form.

Valerie Album Cover

Valerie - The Jackson Roses

The inaugural release for the Jackson Roses. Valerie is an introspective of the guilt and incorruptibility of the formative years of us all. Actually, it's just some cool alt-country music played with some very good friends.

And yes, that's me (Brandon) on the cover as a young lad.

Audio 1 Podcast

A collaboration with a group of really talented audio engineers, music producers and all round generally knowledgable people, where we take one question each week about Audio, and sit in a room to ramble on about it. Check out the published Soundcloud Podcasts.

Experimental Cinematic Musings

My repository of short cinematic phrases and ideas. All in a relative state of completion, I adopt the seek and destroy method with these pieces. Seek the sound I want, then destroy by publishing to soundcloud.

Bloodborne - Fan Recreation

Nothing too serious here. Just an exercise in sound design and simple scoring of the original trailer for game, Bloodborne.