Kontakt 5 Footsteps Instrument - Foot Machine

In my day job, I am a facilitator/ Lecturer at SAE Qantm Institute. One of the areas I focus on is getting my audio students to think outside the box from within their industry, it's just not about recording bands anymore. This past trimester they have built two software instruments using Native Instruments Kontakt platform and here is the first on - Foot Machine.

UI of Foot Machine, the footsteps Kontakt instrument

UI of Foot Machine, the footsteps Kontakt instrument

Foot Machine is aimed at simply creating footsteps for media sync (films, TV, etc) quickly and easily. The big knob selects the type of shoe, and surface type is determined by which octave you are playing on the keyboard.

Well done to my students on this one, it is rapidly prototyped and built so it is certainly not free of bugs, but that is a by-product of one of the main objectives, to design, build, record, script and prototype a working instrument in 4 weeks.

You can grab a copy of Foot Machine here: https://goo.gl/iZt3wR - It is 33MB, so not heavy at all, but you will need the FULL version of Kontakt for it to work, it will only work in the Kontakt PLAYER version for 15 minutes. If you are having trouble with that link, shoot me an email and I'll email it to you.