UE4 - Creating an Audio Showreel pt. 4

Loving it. Unreal Engine is pretty damn cool. Here is a screen shot of where I am at.

The Island

The Island

It's called 'The Island'. Original 'ey. I have started applying sound design as of today, which is exciting to say the least. I kid you not when I say that the depth of these game engine programs are almost untouchable to us sound guys. The things that can be achieved are fantastic. In hindsight, I should've picked something less computer intensive, it would seem a landscape (even a small island such as this) starts to suffer quite a bit on an i7 laptop, even with 16GB ram and an upgraded graphics card, once you start adding animated grass, foliage and trees, the static meshes and props are fine.

So, currently I run the level in low res mode, and it works fine. When I am ready to compile/ build/ bang/ construct/ (insert correct vernacular here), I will transfer the whole project onto a big 'ole powerful desktop, but for now, this serves my purpose.

Audio integration using FMOD is really very simple. I have been building the sound assets in Pro Tools, tweaking and layering them in FMOD events, and then 'building' them into the UE4 project. If this sort of thing interests you, I can't recommend the FMOD youtube clips from the actual FMOD team enough, and particularly Sally Kellaway. I'll chuck a link below: