Little Uno - Feat. the Una Corda

Una Corda

Recently I purchased some new toys purely to inspire composition, and the Una Corda software instrument (sampled by Galaxy Instruments for NI's Kontakt platform) was on top of that list. It is a beautiful single string (per hammer) Piano, the original of which was created by David Klavins, a German Piano maker. He is also famous for his "Modell 370", available as a sampled piano, "The Giant" through NI, another beautifully sampled instrument.

I play music, I write music and I listen to music, this is very much my life. When I am not doing one of those three things, I am teaching people how to record sound. All of this music and audio can often lead to periods of saturation where being creative can be a drag. This has happened recently where I found myself sitting down to write over a period of weeks and wasn't entirely happy with the output.

The Una Corda has fixed this little rut for me.

It's amazing. It screams contemporary musician, and composition. The options are endless, delicate, extreme and like it's big brother, the Giant, it allows such expression. I love piano's, but I find myself leaning towards sampled piano's that have something strange or different about them, rather than perfectly tuned and sampled precision machines.

Enjoy this new piece, 'Little Uno'. It features the Una Corda with it's percussive nature emphasised, a simple repetitive piano line slowly morphing over time. Fast forward 30 seconds or so, if you aren't into Intro's so much!