2016 Trimester 3 Student Projects

We are on the finish line of our final Trimester at SAE in Perth for 2016 and I have had the privilege of facilitating & experiencing some truly awesome student projects, a couple of which I'd like to link to below.


This was a collaboration between Sam Massey and Mat Osbourne, and was pretty fantastic. I'll admit that I am not a fan of heavy EDM like this, but the mixing and sonic qualities of it are outstanding. This is a prime example of two students playing to each other's strengths. Check it out, 'White Lies' is a stand out track for me.

BNJMN - Soul Calling feat. Katina Bay

This is a great track, not EDM as much as some sort of cinematic story. It's an epic, so strap yourself in for a 6 minute ride of what sounds to me like a theme from some form of modern Neverending Story remake.

Enjoy, this is just a selection of some of the really cool projects put out by students this past few months.