I am a Father, Son, Husband, Academic, Lecturer, Student, Composer, Song-writer, and Creative Media Professional. 

I started out life in a very small country town, a regional community, where the simplicity of my youth and the innocence it provided allowed me to focus on the one thing that I really loved, Music. My piano education started at a very young age, I lived with an extended family and have memories of sitting on my Great-grandmothers lap while she played. Whilst formal music education was a part of my youth, it was something that I did not relish, preferring to create my own noise.

Throughout the years I have pursued many exploits, but have always found myself back at a piano or holding a guitar, usually when I least expect it.

I am currently a Senior Lecturer at SAE Qantm Creative Institute in Perth, WA and hold a Bachelors in Audio Production (Middlesex University) and a Masters of Music Technology (Newcastle University).

I wear many hats.  Please feel free to contact me should you think I am a fit for your project.



  • Learning/Teaching/Educational Design

  • Pro Tools 12 Certified

  • Native Instruments - Kontakt: KSP scripting and development

  • Analogue and Digital audio media systems

  • FMOD Software: Game middleware

  • Composition and Sound Design


University of Newcastle

2013 ‐ Masters of Music Technology

Middlesex University

2011 ‐ Bachelor of Audio Production